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Join us at AACC 2022

As a leading company for AI-Driven IVD equipments, Reetoo will be attending AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry), which will take place at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago from July 26 to 28


We will bring our latest products to the exhibition as below, and look forward to meeting you at our booth #4060.


RT-F600: Automatic Vaginal Secretion Analyzer

RT-F600, intelligent vaginal secretion analyzer based on the patented AI DeepCell engine can complete six dry chemical detections and microscopy in one stop without manual intervention, which greatly improves the efficiency of gynecological examination in the laboratory department and gets rid of the tedious and complicated manual operation and manual reading and interpretation.

Key features:

  • Cell recognition accuracy>90%

  • World first microscopy + dry chemistry integrated chip

  • Patented algorithm for tracking and recognizing trichomonas morphology

  • Cartridge clip, continuous loading 60 cards

  • Auto testing of sample turbidity, auto dilution of high concentration sample

  • Testing speed: 40T/H

  • Stain-free, high definition CCD imaging

  • Nanoscale & high precision focus scanning


RT-S100Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer

RT-S100, automatic sperm quality analyzer can realize the intelligent analysis of the whole process of sperm liquefaction time, color, pH, volume, concentration and vitality classification at a time without manual intervention during the whole process, which greatly improves the examiners work efficiency.

Key features:

  • Testing speed: 20T/H

  • Patented sample cup, odor-free

  • Intelligent assessment of sperm agglutination

  • 37C constant temperature microscopy platform

  • Disposable sperm count chamber, cross-contamination free

  • World first fully automated sperm quality analysis system

  • Automatic sample loading, viscosity, color, pH and volume testing

  • Automatically calculate sperm counting, concentration, vitality, liquefaction time


RT-i1000: Automatic Chromosome Micrograghy Scanning System

Reetoo RT-i1000 fully automatic chromosome micrography scanning system based on AI-Driven DeepCell engine can automatically segment, count and pair chromosomes that are crossed, adhered, and overlapped, and identify abnormal chromosomes. The operation is simple and easy, which greatly satisfies the clinical needs and improves the examinerswork efficiency.

Key features:

  • Scanning speed  6 min / 100karyotypes

  • Electric switching between 10X objective lens and 100X oil lens

  • Automatically add high-quality lens oil, no need to manually wipe the oil len

  • Fully intelligent segmentation of chromosome arrangement, the  accuracy rate is higher than 90%

  • Fully automatic whole slide scanning and karyotype analysis, eamless connection of karyotype analysis

  • High-quality optical imaging system, realizing automatic XY-axis scanning and automatic Z-axis focusing

  • High-capacity slide bin, which automatically loads sample slides and supports 120 samples for simultaneous test

  • Support chromosomes to perform operations such as inversion, rotation, straightening and color smear recognition

  • Intelligently segment, count and pair chromosomes that are crossed, adhered, and overlapped, and automatically identify abnormal chromosomes.


RT-U600Automatic Urine Analysis System

Based on the patented AI DeepCell engine,Reetoo RT-U600 Automatic Urine Analysis System can get rid of the shackles of conventional image analysis and significantly increase the accuracy of urinary formed elements to more than 90%. The design of automatic dry biochemistry and sediment analysis all-in-one machine greatly improves the efficiency of urine detection in clinical laboratory and gets rid of the tedious , complicated manual operation and manual reading and interpretation.

Key features:

  • Fully automatic dry chemistry and formed elements analyzer system

  • Flexibility for dry chemistry and formed elements analysis

  • AI-based DeepCell engine, accuracy >90% for formed elements

  • 10X and 40X objective lens:auto-switch, auto-focusing and auto- scan

  • Testing speed: dry chemistry analysis:120T/H, formed element analysis:100T/H

  • Automatic inspection for urine color and turbidity

  • Patented disposable urine sediment inspection chip, cross- contamination free

  • Priority test for emergency sample

  • High integration and operability, small size (600x615x520mm)


RT-A100: Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

RT-A100 is used in conjunction with the reagent card based on fluorescence immunochromatography to conduct qualitative or quantitative analysis on the substances to be measured in human samples by measuring the fluorescence intensity of the reaction zone bands.

Key features:

  • Broad test menu

  • Support batch testing

  • Touch screen operation

  • HIS/LIS connection

  • Results in 3-15 minutes, full traceability

  • Small in size, suitable for areas with limited spaces

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