DeepCell Engine

The accuracy > 90%

      Take cell morphology pictures under a high-power field of view (objective lens 40 times), and identify cells with high accuracy based on the DeepCell engine, with an accuracy rate of 90%.

Support cotton swab loading

Sample pre-processing function


   The test tube after clinical collection of samples can be directly put on the machine, and the instrument automatically completes sample pre-processing, simulating manual mixing, eluting cells, etc., without manual intervention in the whole process, avoiding the influence of human factors on the results, and making the sample pre-processing more standardized , To ensure the accuracy of the test results.

       Intelligent sample turbidity detection and analysis and automatic dilution function.


Multi-layer dynamic focus scanning

       Simulating the action of the doctor turning the fine focus spiral when inspecting and analyzing the sample under the microscope,it can solve the problem that some cells are clear and some cells are blurred due to cell layering in the same field of view and leading to unrecognizable problems.

     Staining function is available



Microscopy + dry chemistry integrated chip,Eliminate cross contamination                    

      Patented microscopic inspection dry chemical integrated single chip, one-time microfluidic control, accurate quantification, and eliminate cross-contamination.

Million pixel high-resolution imaging

       High-resolution digital dual-speed monochrome tens of millions of pixels progressive high-precision CCD scanning.


Nano-level high-precision focusing

    Z-axis nano-level high-precision auto-focusing, X and Y-axis high-precision auto-scanning.

  Support cotton swab sample,auto sample elution and diluent refill Microscopic morphology examination (gold standard)

  Testing speed: 100T/H 

  Stain/non-stain option

  Multi-layer dynamic focus scanning

  World first microscopy + dry chemistryintegrated chip

  Auto testing of sample turbidity, auto dilution of high  concentration sample

  Patented algorithm tracking and recognizing trichomonas         morphology

  Cartridge clip, continuous loading 120 cards

  8 dry chemistry co-testing (SNALENAGH2O2COA       GUSPIP and pH)

  Nanoscale & high precision focusscanning

  High definition CCD imaging





       The AI-Driven DeepCell engine is a set of high-precision recognition system for cell morphology developed by Reetoo based on deep learning technology. The first intelligent vaginal discharge analyzer (high throughput) based on this engine, supports cotton swab loading, faster detection speed, and realizes the integration of morphological microscopic examination and functional chemical detection of vaginal discharges.