Full-process intelligent all-in-one machine

"One-click" to complete 7 major detection steps: semen constant temperature liquefaction, viscosity detection, weighing volume measurement, color detection, pH detection, semen sample preparation for microscopic examination samples, automatic microscopic examination vitality classification, without manual intervention throughout the process.

Patent sampling cup

      Reetoo Biotech's patented self-designed high-performance medical silica gel sampling cups realize the odorless release during the whole process of sample analysis.


37C constant temperature throughout the process

     37 C liquefaction environment, disposable sperm counting pool 37 C constant temperature preservation, microscopic imaging platform 37 C constant temperature preheating.

Intelligent judgment of sperm agglutination

    Intelligent judgment of sperm agglutination


Automatic microscopy, Motility analysis

Follow WHO and international CASA standards, automatically calculate and analyze sperm concentration, vitality level and related kinetic CASA parameters.

  World first fully automated sperm quality analysis system

  One-press for all operations, no human intervention    required   

  Automatic sample loading, viscosity, color, pH and volume         testing

  Auto calculate sperm counting, concentration, vitality

  Patented sample cup, odor-free

  Testing speed: 20T/H

  Auto calculation of semen liquefaction time

  Intelligent assessment of sperm agglutination

  37C constant temperature microscopy platform

  Disposable sperm count chamber, cross-contamination free

  High-quality phase contrast microscopic imaging, auto-             switch objective lens






       The RT-S100 sperm quality analyzer independently developed by Reetoo Biotech realized the intelligent analysis of the whole process of sperm liquefaction time, color, pH, volume, concentration and vitality classification for the first time. There is no need for manual intervention and manual operation during the whole process, which greatly improves the work efficiency of examiners.