DeepCell Engine

     Based on the DeepCell engine to recognize cells with high accuracy, the recognition accuracy of urine formed components is higher than 90%.

Highly Automation

    Automatic detection of urine color and turbidity, urine samples can be checked under microscope without centrifugationand staining.

     The urine sediment analysis speed is 60-120test/h, and the dry chemical analysis speed is 200test/h.

Emergency Room

    There is an emergency room to support priority testing of emergency samples.

Disposable Chip

     Patented design disposable micro-volume urine sediment detection chip to prevent cross-contamination.


  Fully automated dry chemistry and formed elements analyzer system

  Flexibility for dry chemistry and formed elements analysis

  AI-based Deepcell engine, accuracy >90% for formed elements

  High integration andoperability, small size (600x615x520mm)

  10x and 40x objective lens:auto-switch, auto-focusing and auto-  scan   

  Testing speed: 90T/H

  Auto inspection for urine color and turbidity Dispense with        centrifuge and stain, direct for microscopy

  Patented disposable urine sediment inspection chip, cross-               contamination free

  Priority for emergency sample 

  Barcode scanning for sample identification

  Thumbnail function for preview and image auto cutting classification




    Based on the AI-Driven DeepCell engine, the RT-U600 fully automatic urine analysis system launched by Reetoo realizes the integration of dry chemistry and urine sediment analysis on urine samples.

    The RT-F600 is fully automatic, intelligent, high-precision, and the entire process does not require observation under a manual microscope, which greatly improves the work efficiency of laboratory physicians.