Fully automatic whole slide scanning and karyotype                    analysis, eamless connection of karyotype analysis

  Fully intelligent segmentation of chromosome arrangement, the       accuracy rate is greater than 90%

  Intelligent recognition of various cell karyotypes based on                  DeepCell engine 

  Automatically segment crisscross, cohesion and overlapping             chromosomes to identify abnormal shapeschromosome

  Support chromosomes to perform operations such as inversion,       rotation, straightening and color smear recognition

  High-quality optical imaging system, realizing automatic XY-axis       scanning and automatic Z-axis focusing

  Electric switching between 10x objective lens and 100x oil lens

  Automatically add high-quality lens oil, no need to manually wipe     the oil lens lens

  Large-capacity sample card warehouse, which can hold 120                samples for testing at the same time   

AI-Driven Engine


     Based on the intelligent recognition of the AI-Driven DeepCell engine, the chromosomes that are crossed, adhered, and overlapped are automatically segmented, counted, and paired. The accuracy of chromosome automatic pairing is as high as 90%.

Intelligent segmentation

       Intelligently segment crossover, adhesion and overlapping chromosomes, and identify abnormal chromosomes.


High-quality optical imaging system


Automatic and precise positioning



    10X and 100X objective lenses are automatically switched to realize automatic slide scanning, high-precision um-level Z-axis automatic focusing, and automatic green light filtering.

      The 10X objective lens quickly scans the entire slide, automatically records the high-quality karyotype position, and the 100X objective lens accurately and quickly locates and scans.

      Automatically add high-quality lens oil, no need to manually wipe the oil lens lens.


High capacity slider holder

    Large-capacity slide holder, automatically loading sample slides and can hold 120 samples for simultaneous testing.




       The Reetoo RT-i1000 full-automatic chromosome microscopic image scanning system based on AI-Driven DeepCell engine can automatically segment, count and pair chromosomes that are crossed, adhered, and overlapped, and identify abnormal chromosomes. The operation is simple and easy, which greatly improves the examiner Work efficiency.